Look forward to the daily use of glassware intelligent pressure machine all-around control reverie
Column:Industry dynamic Time:2017-12-15
If a man wants to do good, he must first. Daily glass industry development nature also cannot leave the glass machinery and equipment research and development

If a man wants to do good, he must first. Daily glass industry development nature also cannot leave the glass machinery and equipment research and development, constantly improve and perfect, and with the people's demand for household glass products continuously improve, also from another Angle to promote the development of daily-use glass machinery.

Traditional glass machinery design in general procedure for the production process, complete the design on the drawings, design to produce the sample according to drawing, finally also need to look to whether accord with experimental study on the sample of the product specific functions, finally can only into the actual production process. But these require a long period of time, and the design on the drawing needs continuous improvement, and waste of time and resources are precious. The development of the computer to solve the problem of many of our, using the network for a variety of data transmission and processing, the use of related software for drawing design, and use network technology to the design of virtual experiment, virtual product can test the software designed to conform to our technical requirements. To a series of red tape all virtualization, for household glass enterprise, this will save manpower material resources, also can shorten the time of new product development, improve the economic benefit. Therefore, according to the current situation of daily glass ware industry, electromechanical intelligent integration is one of the direction of future glass mechanical pressing mechanism, design and development. Glass machinery automation and intelligence will become the new press glass machinery design and manufacture a new mode of thinking, the available numerical control equipment system, the intelligent software system, effective computer technology closely combined with the glass production process of mechanical data, thus achieved the integration of mechanical and electronic intelligence mode, effectively reduce the number of operating personnel. By closed-loop intelligent control mode, temperature, material weight drops, pressing speed, mold temperature, cooling, heat control, fire polishing all intelligent control operation, the operator put the experience accumulation process technology parameter input system, can be automatically realized precision mould thermal equilibrium temperature of hot product quality requirements, to ensure product quality stability, virtualization will become the future electromechanical integration of intelligent glass machinery manufacturing industry development inevitable trend.